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charles [chuck] savoie
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retired Married 3
was aboard the oak hill in 1960 and 61. made 2 cruises to west pac which i enjoyed very much Send charles [chuck] a MessageSend charles [chuck] a Message
Clarence Wilson
deceased Married 3
 Clarence (a.k.a. Junior?) - my father - served aboard the Oak Hill during the beginning phases of Operation Ivy. He never talked about his service or the people he served with. He saved tons of photos, but never wrote on any of them. If you know him, please let me know what you knew/thought of him. Send Clarence a MessageSend Clarence a Message
Dean A. Johnson
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retired (Chevrolet Service Manager) Married 4
am looking forward to seeing everyone again.  had such a great time in San Antonio
and forsee the same for this cruise. 
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Dick Whalen
Retired Married 4
Served on Oakhill 1951 to 1954. Worked in Radio Shack. Send Dick a MessageSend Dick a Message
Donald Shirley (Bishop)
Retired Married 6
Served on the USS Oak Hill 1960-1963 Send Donald a MessageSend Donald a Message
Ed Erlandson
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Retired - Federal Government - Interior - 36yrs Married 3
 I think you have a very good site.  Sorry I have not been able to attend any reunions yet.
Served with:
David Lujan RM2
Darrel Nye RM2
Ken Neslund RM2
Ernest Levesque RM2
John Daniello RM2
Bill Watson RM3
Tom Rose RM3
Ben Ford RMSN
Chief Davis RMC
Chief Kauffman RMC
Dallas Mitchell ET1
John Corson ET1
David Nance RM2
Ruben Corea RM1
Warren Brown RD3

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Eugene Aurand
RETIRED 08/30/2009 now in Yosemite Married
Once I am done working in Yosemite (09/30/2009) will be moving back to be with my wife in the Philippines. Send Eugene a MessageSend Eugene a Message
Greg Murrell
retired Married 2
Send Greg a MessageSend Greg a Message
Harold wife Ann (Castle)
retired elec. engr Married 2
USS Oakhill 1951-54     ET3

Particiapted Operation Ivy and Med Cruise

Electronics School Great Lakes, ILL
Henry Patterson
Missionary Married
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